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What Causes Drug or Alcohol Addiction?

Alcohol and drug addiction can start in several ways. There are plenty of known causes that may push an individual to substance abuse. And such causes are addressed in sober living houses so that the abuser may not fall back into their old ways.
What can push an individual to drugs and alcohol?

There are many reasons why an individual may choose to try out alcohol and drugs. Alcohol dependency however, is more apparent in society. That is because alcohol consumption becomes an integral part of our consumerist culture.
Meals are coupled with wine. Events cannot proceed without at least one alcoholic drink. And there is nothing wrong with this practice as long as alcohol is consumed in moderation. But what is moderate can become difficult to distinguish if it is deep seated into your lifestyle.

The use of drugs is more seriously discouraged. But people and teens too often get their first taste because of peer pressure. The pleasurable feeling and delight that drugs can provide is another motivation. Escaping from seemingly unbearable problems is also another factor that can push individuals to both drugs and alcohol dependency. Lack of positive influence in their lives may push them to dive into addiction much deeper.

How the addiction cycle begins?

An innocent taste can possibly lead into a habit until it becomes an uncontrollable craving. Individuals who are dealing with great stress in their lives are easy victims of drug and alcohol abuse. This is especially true if they are unable to find a more positive outlet that can help them release the stress from their lives.
Stress can come in many different forms. It can come from peers who are trying to influence their bad behavior on you. It can be your need to belong. It can be an ordeal that you cannot seem to find a solution for.

And when you are drinking or using alcohol, you get to like the feeling that it comes with. It can give you a sense of belongingness and it can allow you to escape from your harsh reality if only for a quick moment. When you start to recognize alcohol and drugs as a solution, that is when the problem starts. And the results can be catastrophic.
Being engorged in the good feeling however, you may easily overlook such a possibility that what was once was seen as the solution can become the problem itself.

What can be done to address addiction?

At first, involvement with drugs and alcohol is voluntary. But as an individual gets into deep with these substances, the more they become dependent and ultimately find it difficult to withdraw. And this is just not a matter of choice. The substances change their physicality and at times, no matter how they try to resist, their bodies’ cravings beat them to it.

Understanding the ways of an addict is not necessarily easy. This is why dealing with addiction is difficult for the loved ones of the abuser too. It can be especially difficult for someone who does not seem to show a slight inclination to either drugs or alcohol abuse.
But what you need to know is that drugs and alcohol changes a person in his /her entirety. It changes his/her mental perspective, it makes his body crave for more in ways he finds difficult to control. It also dampens his /her emotional spirit, especially when he becomes connfronted with it.

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